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Subscribe and experience a 3 part, complimentary series where art and tranquility harmoniously embrace. This is an exclusive peek into the Benzie collection with TANK RIVIERA.

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In mesmerising monochrome, the "Bikini Muse" evolves with each refined stroke, making an elegant lady's body submerged in the pool's timeless allure come to life.


Embrace the tranquil vibes and captivating images of Bikini Muse.

Subscribe and receive a 3-part series that includes:

  1. Bikini Muse III as a printed postcard sent to you with an address provided.

  2. Bikini Muse II as a printable. This will be sent to you digitally to download.

  3. Bikini Muse I as a desktop and mobile wallpaper to create a calming, poolside effect while you go about your day.

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Here's how it works:

Subscribe and you'll receive three emails:

  • One to provide your mailing address and we will personally send you a Bikini Muse postcard

  • The 2nd email you'll receive your complimentary digital download.

  • The 3rd email you'll receive your digital wallpaper, desktop and mobile versions.

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