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La Colección Baja de Lujo

Welcome to the Baja de Lujo Collection, a stunning array of artworks that capture the raw, untamed beauty of Mexico's Baja California peninsula.


Inspired by the region's iconic flora and landscapes, this collection offers a refined and elevated perspective on the Baja's most captivating natural elements. Immerse yourself in the vibrant depictions of the Baja's legendary cacti, from the towering saguaros that stand as sentinels against the desert horizon to the delicate, blooming prickly pears and barrel cacti that dot the rugged terrain.


Explore the minimalist splendor of the saguaro silhouettes, their statuesque forms distilled to their essential elements, and the raw, sensual beauty of the cactus spines that command the eye's rapt attention.


Throughout the Baja de Lujo Collection, you'll find a harmonious blend of realism and abstraction, where the Baja's natural wonders are elevated to works of art that celebrate the region's unique character and enduring allure.


Prepare to be transported to the rugged, sun-drenched realm of the Baja, where the desert's raw beauty is elevated to new heights of artistic expression.

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Limited collection

The La Colleción Baja de Lujo is a mesmerizing tapestry of cacti that captures the pure essence of Baja, Mexico; from Cabo to La Paz, Loretto to bay of LA, San Felipe and Ensenada. Each piece in this collection seems to come alive on the canvas, exuding a vibrant energy that is as infectious as it is captivating.


The interplay of light and shadow in these works not only adds remarkable depth, but also evokes a sense of being immersed in the landscapes of Baja. Bold and soft, light watercolor pigments convey a feeling of liberation and spontaneity, inviting you to embark on a visual journey of freedom and expression.

La Colleción Baja de Lujo is not just a collection of art; it is a symphony of emotions and impressions, a testament to Benzie's unparalleled ability to translate the spirit of Baja into an extraordinary artistic masterpiece.

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