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Signed Replicas:

A0 - $3,150.00

A1 - 1,575.00

A2 - $787.50

A3 - $393.75


A0 - $2,340.00

A1 - $1,170.00

A2 - $585.00

A3 - $292.50


PriceFrom $293.00
  • Delve into the profound depth of "Bison," a compelling close-up depiction of a bison, presented in a notably darker, more intense style. This artwork captures the raw, untamed essence of the bison, its powerful features and brooding gaze filling the frame with a palpable sense of strength and primal energy. The dark tones and deep shadows enhance the mysterious and formidable spirit of this noble creature, inviting viewers into a world of wild majesty and ancient resilience.

  • Materials: Watercolour and Pencil on Museum Matt Board
    Original: SOLD
    Size: A0
    Frame: Yes
    Signed: Yes

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