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Original size: 20" x 15"


"Flores en Cabo" is a stunning work of art that celebrates the fleeting yet magnificent blooms of the Baja desert's iconic barrel cactus.


Rendered in vivid, saturated hues, this close-up portrait immerses the viewer in the delicate splendor of the cactus's vibrant yellow flowers, which burst forth from the plant's rounded, spiny form in a dazzling display of springtime vitality.


The artist's masterful technique captures every intricate detail with breathtaking precision, placing the viewer mere inches from the cactus and commanding rapt attention with its sheer scale and presence.


As part of the Baja de Lujo collection, this captivating artwork transports the viewer to a realm of vibrant, sensory-rich experience, where the humble barrel cactus is elevated to a work of art that captures the fleeting, yet magnificent, essence of spring in the Baja desert.


Flores en Cabo

PriceFrom $100.00
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