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Original size: 51" x 76.5"

"El Rincón del Coco" is a stunning work of art that immerses the viewer in the vibrant, hyperrealistic splendor of the Baja desert's most iconic inhabitant - the majestic saguaro cactus.


Rendered in a riot of bold, saturated hues, this close-up portrait commands attention with its breathtaking precision, capturing every intricate detail of the cactus's fluted ribs and branching arms. The dramatic, cinematic perspective places the viewer directly within the cactus's domain, evoking a sense of awe and reverence for the resilience of this remarkable plant.


As part of the Baja de Lujo collection, this captivating artwork celebrates the raw, unapologetic beauty of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, transporting the viewer to a realm of vivid, sensory-rich experience.

El Rincón del Coco

PriceFrom $100.00
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