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Original is 76" x 47"


"Bahía de Los Ángeles" is a captivating work of art that celebrates the towering saguaro cacti standing sentinel over the remote and breathtaking Baja desert landscape.


Against a backdrop of undulating dunes and sun-baked rock formations, the artist's masterful use of light and shadow brings these iconic plants to life, highlighting the intricate patterns of their fluted ribs and the delicate balance of their branching arms.


Subtle hints of verdant life punctuate the scene, lending a sense of fragile beauty to the otherwise harsh environment and inviting the viewer to pause and drink in the serene majesty of this Baja oasis.


As part of the Baja de Lujo collection, this artwork offers a refined and elevated perspective on the region's most iconic natural inhabitants.


Bahia de Los Angeles

PriceFrom $100.00
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