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Original size: 20" x 15" or 51 x 39 cm


"Juntos" is a captivating close-up portrait that invites the viewer to experience the mesmerizing world of a small, circular cactus found in the Baja desert. Rendered in a rich, dark green palette, Benzie's masterful technique captures the plant's spiny protrusions with breathtaking detail, drawing the eye inward as it follows the sinuous curves and angular lines of the cacti's distinctive form.


The cacti's compact, rounded silhouette fills the frame, creating a sense of intimacy and immersion that heightens the viewer's appreciation for the plant's intricate beauty, while the subtle gradations of color and shadow lend depth and dimension to the composition, evoking a palpable sense of the cactus's tactile presence and the rugged, unforgiving environment in which it thrives.


PriceFrom $100.00
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