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Signed Replicas:

A0 - $3,150.00

A1 - 1,575.00

A2 - $787.50

A3 - $393.75


A0 - $2,340.00

A1 - $1,170.00

A2 - $585.00

A3 - $292.50

Three Brothers

PriceFrom $293.00
  • "Three Brothers" is an evocative black and white piece that portrays three older calfs. These mature calfs are captured in a moment that reflects a deep, enduring bond shaped by time. The monochromatic tones lend the artwork a timeless quality, emphasizing the textures and contours of their faces and the subtle interplay of light and shadow. This composition highlights their shared history and the unspoken understanding between them, offering a glimpse into the complex social dynamics and the quiet strength present in these noble creatures.

  • Materials: Watercolour and Chacoal on Museum Matt Board
    Original: For Sale
    Size: A0
    Frame: Yes
    Signed: Yes

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