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About the certified Benzie Galleries Initiative

Benzie is revolutionising the art world through the Certified Benzie Gallery initiative, offering galleries the chance to earn a generous commission on every Benzie product sold through their exclusive affiliate link.

With a unique blend of distinctive style and modern techniques, Benzie creates awe-inspiring artworks that convey profound messages through realistic paintings and drawings.

The latest collections by Benzie continue to captivate the art world, and as Certified Benzie Galleries, they collaborate with Benzie's team to curate stunning exhibitions for the enjoyment of spectators. These galleries can also showcase Benzie's distinguished works alongside other artists, fostering a sense of artistic community.

The initiative aims to elevate boutique, community, and independent galleries by featuring their artwork regularly in renowned galleries, bringing them well-deserved recognition.

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Sell a BENZIE, Earn
a Commission

Our affiliate program explained

The Gallery Affiliate Program allows a Certified Benzie Gallery to sell featured Benzie artwork and earn a commission. Each Certified Benzie Gallery will receive a QR code to display, linking to the Benzie website and enabling the public to purchase their desired artwork. Every piece purchased through the QR link grants a commission to the gallery.

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